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Oncologist Dr. Navneet Sharda and Cancer Care Foundation works hard to provide everyone with the information they need to keep themselves and their families cancer-free. Through its initiatives and programs, the Foundation encourages people of all ages to take charge of their health by making smart lifestyle and nutrition choices, seeing their doctor regularly for checkups and health screenings, and monitoring their body for any changes that should be brought to the attention of a medical professional.

Reduce Your Risk

Dr Sharda tells us you can reduce your risk for cancer. It is one of the most preventable life-threatening diseases facing Americans today.

Research has shown that up to two-thirds of cancer deaths are caused by smoking, physical inactivity and poor diet choices. You can significantly reduce your risk for cancer by following these four simple steps:

These steps are more than a call to action — they're the keys to leading a longer, healthier life. Learn these easy steps and share these messages with family and friends — it's never too late to make simple lifestyle changes that can save your life.