Dr, Sharda Las Vegas oncologist The Cancer Care Foundation exists to make a positive difference in the lives of consumers diagnosed with cancer. Making the right cancer treatment choice involves knowledge. With the assistance of unbiased cancer care information, consumers are not alone in making a proactive treatment care decision.

The right information to the right patient at the right time promotes independence through use of advocacy and empowerment. The Cancer Care Foundation works to provide knowledge that works to simplify the often confusing, sometimes fearful and difficult maze of cancer care treatments.

The information is provided to the consumers and their loved ones in a confidential professional manner so that they can study and embrace any or all of the medical options. The outcomes materials will be quantified report cards on treatments or services which can be used by the consumers to make the best medical decisions for them or loved ones. 

However, where to go and whom to trust for life-altering or life threatening cancer care services can be agonizing. With the use of outcomes, research, medical treatment plans and treatment modalities from centers of excellence, consumers can evaluate and make choices.

When outcome reports are generated, the facts doe not lie. Expert medical treatment centers with integrated treatment plans in Nevada and throughout the United States willingly make known their outcome records. The Cancer Care Foundation assists consumers in tapping into this knowledge for care and cost decision-making purposes.

Our philosophy is "prevention is the greatest cure." But in the event a health care consumer is diagnosed with cancer, Cancer Care Foundation is there throughout the treatment and recovery phases promoting wellness and prevention. To this end, Cancer Care Foundation will, as an advocate, be the "guide on the side" promoting quality medical services and endorsing healthy positive outcomes in varied multi-disciplinary models that fosters self care, independence and hope.